From Convicted Felons to Wall Street Investors – Business Analytics Is For All

US Politics Today just published a story about how NYC Department of Probation is using Business Analytics to gain visibility into the lives of 35,000 convicted felons, helping them get back into their communities and building productive lives under a monitored probation program.

At the heart of NYC Department of Probation’s mission to “restructuring lives” is powerful analytics, giving the department access to over 84 GB of data, including information on the background of the men, women and young people being supervised, the types of crimes that they have committed and their progress.

This is a vivid example on how powerful analytics is empowering public sector and government organizations improve their performance, streamline their administration services, and ultimately help the public. Business Analytics is no longer a novelty, specifically built for investors, financial analysts, and executive managers. Today business analytics serves all.

Growing populations, presidential budget proposals, and new economic developments calls for smart investments in business analytics in all areas of the government including:

  • Health and Human Services
  • Social Security Administration
  • Defense
  • Treasury
  • Criminal Justice
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • And more….

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Farnaz Erfan

Product Marketing